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Name:Team Black Mage
Website:Final Fantasy Land
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Black Mage team community for Final Fantasy Land
Firaga Casters is the team comm for the Black Mage class of Final Fantasy Land. This class incorporates Black, Red, and Blue Mages -- classes that study magic, particularly offensive magic. Black Mages learn a wide variety of powerful elemental and non-elemental spells. Red Mages are a well-rounded mix of white & black magic as well as sword skills. Blue Mages pick up the unique skills of monsters through observation. Although Blue Mages focus less on magic, all the classes usually have an affinity toward magic and are often good sources of damage in battle. Notable Final Fantasy Black Mages include Lulu, Palom, Rinoa, Rydia, Shantotto, Terra, and Vivi. Notable Blue Mages include Quina, Quistis, and Strago.


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